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Blue Surface

Bumpy Johnson: Harlem, Trilogy AOC

"The roles of Dutch Schultz, Meyer Lansky, Frank Costello, and

Lucky Luciano were handled brilliantly by Joseph Trumbo, Matthew Mueller, Jonathan Lawler and Jay Chacon, respectively."

Elliott Runyam - NJ Patch; Newark

Gianni Schicchi, On Site Opera

"There were no weak links in the cast, including  Jay Lucas Chacon...."

Richard Sasanow - Broadway World


La Cifra, dell'Arte Opera Ensemble

"Sandrino is very much a Pierrot-type of character, as seen from his large-buttoned costume and down-on-his-luck nature as he pines for Lisotta. Chacon’s portrayal was highly entertaining throughout, especially his duet with Lisotta “Un abbracio idolo mio,” and his treatment by the rest of the cast helped to establish their personalities early into the performance. Often overwhelmed, Sandrino’s gag of hyperventilating into a paper bag worked best when the storm begins to gather around the cast, and Chacon’s breathing nearly matches the frightening winds."

Logan Martell - Operawire

"The cast is uniformly strong vocally, but what really matters here is that they are also all gifted

comic actors. Standouts in this area include Allison Gish, who gives us Rusticone’s hedonistic

daughter Lisotta with infectious exuberance, and Jay Chacon, who is clownish perfection as love-struck peasant Sandrino."

Jonathan Warman - DramaqueenNYC

"Mr. Chacon's wooing of Lisotta is a long and tormented ordeal: this is a Pierrot desperate for his Pierette, and willing to endure her hard-hearted rebuffs until his patience wins out. Mr. Chacon played the role to perfection.​"

Oberon’s Grove

"Sandrino is the Pierrot-like character, in love with Lisotta. The role was beautifully rendered by baritone Jay Chacon."

Meche Kroop - Voce di Meche

La bohème, dell'Arte Opera Ensemble

"...baritone Jay Chacon (Rodolfo) did credit to the lyricism, insouciance and buoyant humanity of Leoncavallo’s impecunious band of hoi polloi".

Charles Geyer - La Scena

The Barber of Seviglia, dell'Arte Opera Ensemble

"Baritone Jay Chacon performed the very important role of Figaro and filled it with fine sound and comedic instincts."

Meche Kroop - Voce di Meche

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