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I am an administrative assistant in the performing arts world.

Do you have a hundred great ideas you want to execute? Do you need time to create your projects, network with your circles, but simply don't have the time because of all the details that need to be done? Hand that over to me so you can spend more time developing your work!

As independent business owners for our crafts, there is a lot of work to be done. But when you have bookkeeping to keep track of, emails to write, scheduling, organizing, websites to maintain, you find you don't have a lot of time to cultivate your work. I will take care of the clerical and administrative side of things for you so you can be the artist you are meant to be.

I can also assist with the creative side of things. Do you need a video edited or help with your social media content? As an artist myself, I am well versed in creative tasks as well.

Let's connect and clear that plate for you!







Clerical Package

  • 5 hours a week

  • Bookkeeping, Email Marketing, Data Entry, Website Development


Artistic Package

  • 5 hours a week

  • Social Media, Script Development, Website Development, Filmmaking


Project Based Assignments

  • Website Building: $500

  • Script Editing

    • Up to 80 pages: $300

    • Above 80 pages: $400

  • Musical Transcribing

    • 4-5 minute songs: $300

    • Longer than 5 minutes: $400


Monthly Fees

  • Bookkeeping: $400

  • Social Media - monthly based on weekly needs

    • 1-2 posts: $150

    • 3-5 posts: $300

    • Everyday: $500


Hourly Tasks

  • Emailing

  • Website editing

  • Data Entry


Retainers: Producing, Filmmaking | Consultations & Resumes

  • Prices agreed upon after the scope and budget of a project is discussed.

  • Artistic Consultations - $80 for one hour

  • Resume building - $50


Every new client will be given a contract and have an intro zoom call.

All content must be sent into a Dropbox folder that will be shared with the client.

All documents for editing must be sent in a Word doc or Google doc form. $100 will be applied for any document that has to be transcribed from a PDF or webpage.

All usernames and passwords will be sent in secure files upon agreement.

Any applied fees (application fees, setup fees) must be paid by the client. I do not pay on reimbursement.

All invoices will be sent to the client at the start of each month for that month. Client has FIVE days to pay the invoice or contract will be suspended.

Client may terminate future services two weeks prior to the first of the month. If the client terminates services during the current month, a refund will not be offered. If the client is unhappy with the service, a 40% refund will be sent. If JLC Administrative Services terminates service, a prorated refund will be paid for the month.


  • Philadelphia, PA, United States

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